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Why should you have your grill detailed cleaned in Chicago?


By Andre M.


Grilling with friends and family on your Chicago patio or balcony can be one of the best of times in Chicago summertime, there's nothing like firing up the old Grill and throwing on some steaks and having that great barbecue taste, watching sports, and just taking time to enjoy life with those that you love.


Before you get started on your wonderful family cookout, we would like to share with you some safety details that you really should consider, when firing up your grill, it would be a good idea to preheat it before you put any food on your grill grates, this is because if you have any food particles on your greats from the last time you did a barbecue, they will end up sticking to the food that you are cooking now and that definitely will affect the quality of the taste of your food.


This is one of the first reasons why having your grill deep cleaned and sanitized it's so important,  your guests would prefer having a great grilled barbecue taste as opposed to a greasy burnt taste on their food, make sure that you have your grill lid open before you turn it on, in case there's a propane or gas leak, this will prevent over ignition.


Proper food preparation is extremely important before you start grilling, make sure that your entire food prep area is 100% sanitized and clean, this will help you to avoid cross-contamination, you might ask what is that?


Bacterial cross-contamination is defined as the transfer of bacteria or other microorganisms from one substance to another, but it also can be easily avoided, by washing hands between prepping different categories of food such as Poultry, if you have prepared your poultry for grilling, you should wash your hands before putting vegetables on the same grill, to prevent cross-contamination, this is a very preventive measure that will keep your guests from getting sick. 


Another safety measure that you might want to keep in mind, is the (food temperature danger zone), which is between temperatures between 40 °F and 140 °F, leaving food out inside of these temperatures for a prolonged amount of time can cause bacteria and salmonella to germinate on the food, so make sure uneating food is put into refrigeration as soon as possible.


Positioning your grill is also important, make sure your grill is not too close to your home and is on a solid stable surface, away from railings or any other type of flammable objects.


Each year nearly 8800  people go to the emergency room for grill related burns, those numbers can be greatly lowered by proper Grill maintenance and deep cleaning of the grill to prevent grease fires, it's also a good idea to have your grill deep clean before the winter months, because mice can get into your grill, they can smell grease and food residue and will enter your grill and lay droppings.


We would suggest if you are serious I'll having a great successful summer cookout, you should really strongly consider setting up an appointment to have a detailed deep cleaning of your grill and this indeed is one of the services that our company specialize in.


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I hope that you have found this to be valuable information and I wish everyone happy grilling this and every summer.

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