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 Terms and Conditions owned by the Sue's Crew Company which means that all customers and clients are bound by the terms and conditions on this website once clicking on the agree button below.


(1) Estimates 


To receive a free estimate all customers and clients must text very detailed pictures of the appliance and locations on the appliance that needs to be cleaned, this also includes our stainless steel restoration services, the number to text your pictures is 708-577-9251.


(2) Pricing 


Basic detailed cleaning pricing for commercial stoves is $400, basic pricing for residential stoves for detail cleaning is $300, these prices can go up depending on the condition of the stove or appliance that is to be cleaned. 

(3)  Service date 


This is the date on which you the customer or client has agreed to have their stove cleaning, appliance cleaning, or stainless steel restoration services to be performed, if a customer or client decides to change the service date they must give a notice of 5 working days by texting 708-577-9251. 

(4)  Detailed cleaning and sanitation agreement


Customer or client agrees to not to hold Sues Crew company or Chicago Stove Cleaning liable for any unforeseen broken or damaged parts that may already exist prior to or after detailed cleaning any appliances this includes any mishaps if it should happen to any appliance or property, customer or client agrees to remove any easily breakable items from on top inside the appliance and around the work area.


Customer or client also agrees to allow 10 to 12 1/2 hours downtime (for detailed stove cleaning only) this is for the scheduled day that appliance is to be detailed cleaned, Customer or client further agrees to (turn off all pilot lights on the scheduled day of cleaning and to relight them after the detailed cleaning process is completed).


If the customer does not know how to turn off and turn on pilot lights to the commercial or residential stove, the customer must have someone knowledgeable to do so and perform this action on the date of cleaning. 


Customer agrees that (NO) appliances will be made to look 100% new but that they will see a major improvement with our services and that results may vary depending upon the condition of the appliance. 

(5)  Cancellations


If the customer or client decides to cancel after they have made an agreement with the Sue Crew company $70 charge will be due for gas traveling time rescheduling our work route and paperwork, this charge will be due upon cancellation.


(6) Payments 


Not all jobs are accepted by the Sue’s Crew Company, we require five working days before a decision is made, however, if your job is accepted you will be texted that we have accepted the job, after that, a date will be set to detail clean your appliance, payments are as follows Cashier's check made out to Sue's Crew upon completion of the job or cash, for payment (No exceptions.)


(8) Appliances we do not clean 


Appliances that we do not clean are as follows toasters, waffle irons, blenders, or any appliance that is too small and light to hold its own position for cleaning.

(9) Noise


The equipment that we use to restore your stainless steel appliances does Make some noise, As our client, you agree to tolerate some noise from shop vacs and polishers that are needed to restore your stainless steel appliances and cleaning.


(10)  Access two water sources


Water is needed to detail clean appliances, as the client you agree to allow us access to a sink that's nearest to the appliance that has to be clean Also access to the nearest toilet to discard dirty water.


(11) Pictures


The client agrees to allow us to take before and after pictures which can be later used on our website to show the quality of our work.

(12) Stainless steel restoration services


Stainless steel restoration can only be performed on non-coated stainless steel surfaces, therefore client must make sure that they have a  non-coated stainless steel appliance, before any restoration services can be performed, this can be checked by looking at your owner's manual or doing a quick online search, client agrees to not hold Sue’s Crew Company liable if this action is not performed or client fails to give correct information on whether or not there appliances non coated stainless steel.

(13) Parking

Customers that live in high-rise buildings where there are parking fees agree to pay for parking on behalf of Chicago stove cleaning, this also applies to other areas where parking fees apply.

(14) Travel

All Customers that are outside of our service area agrees to pay $100 traveling fee for us to travel outside of our service areas that are found on the bottom of our home page.

Agree to terms and conditions

We will contact you soon!

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